Marking the release of “The Room”, Berlin-based band Fenster’s fourth album, we delve deeper and ask the band all those dirty little questions you ever did so want to know!

After releasing three albums, a feature-length film, and touring a bunch throughout Europe and North America, “The Room”, presents an entry point into what could be described as the bands sonic evolution.  Their sound marries Woodstock’s psychedelic groove vibes with the futures hypnogogic, playful pop evolution.

Their mission was to create an album where every song was composed and arranged all together in one room, and by that they mean, literally, in one room…

“It was an experiment in collective creativity that pushed us to transcend our individuality and to create something together which is greater than the sum of our parts.”

The songs were tracked live in a house where the band ate, slept, and played together. Often the songs were recorded without implementing a click track too because they were intent on finding and locking into a human groove—one open to imperfection—while still maintaining a tightness between them. They wanted to make the songs feel alive—as if the listener were present in the room with them in the moment of creation.

Read on to find out more about the band and to listen to our favorite Berlin album release of 2018!

If your new album “The Room” were an actual room what sort of things would we find inside?

Inside the Room you would find two doors and a window looking out over a digital ocean, but a cool one, with moonlight dancing on the water.

Depending on what time of day you enter the room, you might also encounter a frogman in disguise, foxfire, and a pony.

Who is the messiest of all of you?

We made some screenshoots for you to answer the question in terms of digital messiness.

In order of appearance: Jonathan, JJ, Elias, Lucas

What’s the biggest purchase you ever clicked “ok” on?

According to our band’s amazon account its green screen curtains and body suits.

Create a band out of your favorite musicians of all time…

Jaki Liebezeit on the drums, Alice Coltraine on keys, Michael Jackson singing and dancin, Kate Bush on vocals and harp, Miles Davis on electric guitar, Thundercat on bass and Will Smith on the tambourine.

What was your first pets name? 

(tap or hover to reveal emotions)

Susie + unknown (I really forgot)