It’s the holiday season and as we prepare for the strangest Christmas of our lives, we take a look through everything that we’ve been eyeballing these last few months. From books, to vinyls, mugs, crochet and lingerie! The fun never stops!

So without further ado, here are our hottest finds…

Grab your partner and prepare to do-si-do around the living room this Christmas in a pair of your best cowboy boots!

If Eddie’s name rings a bell to you, it’s probably as one half of the musical duo Charles & Eddie who created the one hit wonder “Would I Lie to You” back in 1992. Would I Lie to You was a number 1 hit for two weeks and after that it seemed to be all over red rover, until we flash forward to 2020 with his new solo-project LP release “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness” produced by John Carrol Kirby  – Frank Ocean and Solange collaborator. The album is a haunting, funky, and elegant collaboration between John and Eddie, placing it at number 1 on our Christmas vinyl wish list.

Check out Eddie Chacon here.

Perfumes are not for everyone & are of the most personal taste and preference. So with that said, if you lean toward the more herbal and “organic” of smells then this perfume by Korres might be for you.

It’s just everything about these Danish Hosbjerg metallic green pants. As soon as we can party again, we’ll wearing these pants.

We found this blouse on depop. Enter with caution if you’ve never scrolled through this land before because it’s the Instagram equivalent of shopping apps.

Susan Alexandra my life! We want it all!

Bead me up, Scotty! Pu-leeeease.

It’s Shameless & it’s Limitless, the new book spanning over 10 years of Berlin’s most memorable DIY music scene events and parties created by promotor Kevin Halpin of Shameless/Limitless is available now for pre-order!

All praise punk, pop fashion queen Ashley Williams. From her anxiety belt to sex tights, bored bags & power nap hoodies. Thank you for capturing our innermostest selves and making it fashion.

Unleash the inner grandma in you with crochet! Crochet hats, earrings, bags. The fun never stops with crochet! Also, a potentially great hobby to pick up this winter lockdown. We just sayin’. If you do, hit us up +4917638….

Hat by Truongii

Staying inline with the theme de jour of “grandma” after crochet all we want is quilted coats, of course! These ones by Farewell Frances are particularly lush.

Anjelica Huston’s memoirs are heartbreaking, delightful, elegant, & wild.  Everything you could expect from still may be one of the most underrated actresses of our times. Her on- and-off 20 year relationship with Jack Nicolson is also particularly juicy and gut- wrenching.

Pample Mousse is a Berlin-based lingerie designer who is making The cutest and sexiest under garments that we’ve laid eyes on in these last few months. Can not wait to get our paws on a pair of this ladies designs!

Nemesis Air is a Berlin-based sculptural, airbrush design duo who we just wanna pick the brains of and acquire everything in their studio.

Illustrations by Friederike Hantel have all the bright colors, gloss, gore and cyber love we are obsessing over right now.

Pep Trapiello designs are stylish as f*ck. There’s not a pair of pants, a top, a dress, a nothin’ that we miss. One of our local favorite designers at powerhouse Obst und Gemüse fashion studio.

By Marijana Jocic

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