UK based, Babeheaven, release animated music video created by Sacha Beeley for track Craziest Things, an emotional rollercoaster dealing with insecurities, restlessness, desires and thought loops. Babeheaven is a project of lifelong friends Nancy Andersen (vocals) and Jamie Travis (instruments and production), who were introduced to one another after meeting aged 13 at a father-and-son football group (Nancy on the sidelines), they stayed in touch, and found their lives colliding once more as adults.

Craziest Things comes off their debut album, Home For Now, set to be released on November 6th. Having missed out on their opportunity to tour the US (rescheduled for early 2021), the pair made the best of lockdown by throwing themselves into recording, crafting what would become their debut album. Four years in the making, it’s an encapsulation of all the relationships, good and bad, that have shaped their lives to this point – friends, family, partners past and present.

“As a person of colour and a plus-size woman, I’ve never felt that comfortable with myself as a performer,” Nancy, says. “When we first started making music, it just hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d have to be someone who took up that kind of space, so over lockdown I’ve had a lot more time to think about how I want to be perceived on stage.”

“I used to have really bad anxiety before a show – plunging straight into a song and not looking up until the end of the song where I can look around for affirmation from everyone in the band and crowd.” She says. “It’s been really valuable to work on remembering that I’m on that stage for a reason, particularly as a person of colour. I think it’s important for an alternative band to be fronted by somebody you wouldn’t normally see – I don’t need to be over-sexualised, or our music to be put into a box of R&B, just because of my skin or body type.”



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