“Fall Apart” the first music video released by New York born, Berlin-based – Discovery Zone (also a member of psych-rock band Fenster) – follows the (green screen) story of a molecule of water navigating the infinite cycle of transformation – traveling from the depths of the ocean to the highest clouds. Shot in her bedroom with a VHS camera, the video is perhaps intended to grab our imaginations & remind us to not take ourselves or life too seriously, as we attempt to transcend our collective anxiety about change into the prismatic but fleeting release of a rainbow.

In her solo project, Discovery Zone explores the relationship between pop music, sound collage and performance art. On stage, she graces us with a ceremonial laboratory made up of vocoder, theremin and electric guitar. All assembled so as to spark an intimate but fleeting connection with the audience and to mirror, like life itself, a shared hallucination in space-time.

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Catch Discovery Zone on tour these dates:

April 17th 2019  BERLIN Tennis Bar Shameless/Limitless February Montaine

April 27th 2019  BERLIN Berghain Kantine – Supporting Weyes Blood*

April 28th 2019 HAMBURG Turmzimmer – Supporting Weyes Blood*

May 2nd 2019 PARIS La Maroquinerie – Supporting Weyes Blood*

May 17th 2019 PARIS Le Beau Festival w/ Thurston Moore, Chris Cohen etc


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