JW Francis’ sister made a beautiful heartwarming video to his single “Is That The One”

“Every time I make a video I try to leave the viewer with more confusion than clarity. I want them to think thoughts like: “Why did she make that? Why did I watch it? Was that a dog or a cat?” and then ascribe their own significance. And I do this, for the most part, by not planning anything and just filming scenes that look cool and then when I’m editing I figure out where each clip goes.”

We asked for some photos of the making of this video and we got lucky! There is one photo of the process according to JW Francis. You’re welcome 😉

Here are some words from JW Francis about the song: “This song is about my grandma Collette Beil. It’s like how I have a song about my best friend, Joe Fusco, called “Joe Fusco” This one is about my grandma Collette Beil, but it’s called “Is That the One”

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