It’s a black & white one shot choreographed video by legendary filmmaker Spike Jonze for  “Woman” – a new collab between Karen O & musician and producer Danger Mouse that aired LIVE on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert “ last night, which has stopped us in our place.

“Woman” is one of 9 total tracks that come off  “Lux Prima “ – the new album release between Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman Karen O and American musician and producer Danger Mouse. In a recent interview Karen said that “when you create from a blurry place you can go places further than you’ve ever been” a sentiment that resonates as you listen to the album.

As for the video, it’s one of the most exciting LIVE on air music videos come talk show collabs that we’ve ever seen, which even includes a suitably cringey over excited dad cheering in the audience moment by Stephen Colbert. But it’s the beat and soul of the song and the way it matches Karen O’s signature voice & Spike Jonzes’ video direction that make it go straight to the music video mémoires circa 2k19.


Listen to Lux Prima here:


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