Kriki is the Icelandic duo consisting of Berlin-based Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir, of Special-K, and Copenhagen-based Sindri Bergsson. Many moons ago when the pair was still living in Reykjavík they started working on songs together, until one day when this perfect synergy was interrupted by their decision to move to different cities in Europe. Miles apart but still connected tragedy would befall them both as they experienced their hard-disks crashing and losing all their songs. But like any true team, this would not stop them as they came together once again to finally finish their songs and present them to the world! Today is the momentous day, dear reader, that Staying In Bed When The Sun Is Out aka “Sól úti” which is a song in Icelandic about staying in bed when the sun is out, watching episodes on your laptop and postponing your responsibilities until tomorrow makes it debut premiere.  A testament to friendship, connection, and getting it done!


We had a quick chat ahead of their double release to find out more about the music video for Sól úti, and their single Better Off Alone which is a slow and somber interpretation of the Deejay Alice’s ‘98 Eurodance hit with the same name. “Do you think you’re better off alone?” and “talk to me” are the only lyrics.

Tell us a little bit about making the music video for Sól úti…

Katrin: The video is basically just me in bed with an overlay of what I doing on my laptop: scrolling Facebook, playing games and watching classic TV shows like Friends, Sex and the City etc. We wrote the song in 2017, recorded a demo and I made a short sketch for this video as a school assignment. After my hard disk crashed two months ago, I was going through the stuff I managed to save and stumbled upon that sketch. Looking at it again I thought it was something worth finishing and a month later, I bought a flight to Copenhagen and spent a few days living on Sindri’s couch – recording, mixing and editing. The footage of me in bed and most of the computer screen recordings are from 2017. I only had a limited amount of footage, since it was initially only intended to be a sketch, so if you look closely, you can see that there are only three or four clips of me in the bed, repeated with overlays of different TV episodes.


What’s something that you’ve tried and that you’ll never do again?


Sindri: Never say never


Katrin: The other day I was brushing my teeth in bed and was too lazy to stand up and spit in the bathroom sink. I thought to myself that it probably wouldn’t hurt to just swallow the toothpaste. Turns out I was wrong. I spent the rest of the night feeling odd and nauseous and I’ll never do that again. Don’t swallow toothpaste kids!

Listen to Better Off Alone here

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