Stockholm-based artist Miynt releases a brand new single & collage music video of her title track “Peaches” off her upcoming EP.  

Miynt, who wrote and co-produced “Peaches,” says, “The initial idea was to make a song that basically was just drum-fills throughout the whole song but then the guitar sneaked itself into the song. It went really fast, we probably made it in half a day and then put some synth-stuff on it a couple of days later. I was in kind of a confused state of mind when I wrote the lyrics, I wanted an answer from someone and the lyrics describe that, but in a more spaced out way.” The building of the studio where much of the EP was written and produced was also once used (fun fact alert) in the early 19th century as a radon-room for medical testing.

The new track proceeds Miynt’s official return to the spotlight with self-produced single, Vacation with Bond in south of France part 2,” a song that Miynt wrote as a soundtrack to accompany a James Bond movie that was never made. The track marked Miynt’s first release since her 2016 debut EP and was the first reveal from her upcoming sophomore EP, due out summer 2019 via B3SCI Recordsthe majority of which was mixed by Jake Aaron (Snail Mail, A$AP Rocky, Grizzly Bear, Solange).

Miynt’s blend of psych rock and grunge pop in combination with her collage-based music videos leave us with a hint of nostalgia and femme fatale feels.



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