Sunni Colón brings the ying to the worlds yang with his smooth as satin psychedelic, funk, disco and soul-infused EP “Satin Psicodelic”. 

The EP started out as one hundred tracks that were recorded in his apartment in Paris before it eventually landed on its current seven. It is meant to feel, he has said, like a mood enhancer with a lot of thought having gone into how specific chords trigger certain emotions. And the way that music can be a form of therapy aside from just an outlet for artistic creative expression. “Psychedelic” in the title, he says, alludes to the human “psyche” and trying to find that balance amongst the chaos that we all live in.

His new music video that just dropped called “Psicodelic” was written and directed by Sunni himself and runs like a homogenous joining of music video trailers for tracks “Morning Dew”, “Baby I Don’t Mind” & “Technicolor”. It’s conceptual, aesthetically beautiful and leaves the same feel as that extra bit of film footage that you would have missed if you’d got up and walked out of the cinema when the credits rolled.

We can’t get enough!


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