There’s a new band in town!

Silky Psyche is their name and their first single “Frazzled” is out now.

Their sound is influenced by Trip Hop, Post Punk and Shoegaze. The beat of the track and the spoken word party story is hypnotizing and really shine together with the music video, which shows a claustrophobic pov of Berlin nightlife.

The band consists of Kia who is the producer and guitarist who started dabbling with making music in his hometown Tehran. And Balthazar who sings and shreds the synths and grew up in Jakarta before moving to Berlin and becoming a cultural-scholar-turned-musician. The duo met in 2019 and named their band “Silky” in reference to the historical Maritime Silk Road that connected South-East Asian kingdoms up to Persia, and further on to Europe. Together with “Psyche,” which represents a soft and translucent state of mind – open and accepting of new possibilities.

We’d love to see them live when the apocalypse is over 😉

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