Sloe Paul releases an epic new music video for “A Bigger Love Than Mine” that’s perfect for your next deep thoughts and big plans adventure!


Leading on from his debut self-titled “Paul Abbrecht’s Album”, the DIY bedroom synth-pop musician ups the stakes as he takes us on a surreal futuristic journey of reflection, love, and big ideas. The track features his signature synths and gentle vocals with new orchestral decor and arpeggiator for dramatic builds & tension.  The music video was directed by Berlin-based videographer and new media artist, Julie Hart. Together Julie and Sloe Paul planned and scripted the video for almost a year, building up big pictures and concepts until it all eventually came together. It was shot in Zitadelle Spandau and features Sebastian Schmidt as a dream-like figure challenging Sloe Paul into a dance of reflection. The song was recorded by the artist himself in Chefetage Studio in Leipzig, and was mixed by Max Rieger and mastered by Enyang Urbiks.


It’s out today via Treibender Teppich and the all new Intrnt Explrr Record label.


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