Melbourne-based band Time For Dreams release their second single and music video, ‘A World Of Your Own’ off their upcoming “Life of the Inhabitant” LP. The video was shot over the summer between Berlin and Greece, starring our very own MAI co-founder Deniz Winter as the archetypal dream cowboy. Inspired by the tragicomic, theatre-esque  characters of Roy Andresson we wander through surreal scenes, confronted by the beauty found in simple objects, synchronicities, and film-magic, while we search restlessly for a lover/friend and an ultimate place to feel home.

‘A World of Your Own’ and the album were recorded on the land of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people, in James Cecil’s Super Melody World studio, on the low slopes of Geboor / Mt Macedon in the winter of 2019. The cold, the isolation and the dramatic landscape around the studio felt appropriate for Life of the Inhabitant, a bleak, dehydrated, more sci-fi proposition than the band’s first album In Time. The new album was born from a desire to create something romantic. Not sexy, swoony romantic but “terrible/lonely/beautiful romantic, broken, defiant, tired, kind, quiet, strong and conflicted romantic” as Tom Carlyon describes it, set in the ruins of the currently unfolding apocalypse. ‘A World of Your Own’ is a lament for a dream lover.

“The longer I dream of and the more detail I invent for my ideal partners the uncannier they become. Un-nervingly, once invested with tastes, attitudes, appearances, back stories, they develop speech. They can’t bear scrutiny though. It causes them to melt. This song is about loneliness and misery, ice and frost over the paddocks at dawn. Driving through stark granite boulder country in conversation with the rocks. The unfamiliar sounds of a pine forest at night. A clockwork person, winding down. Originally titled The Watchmaker for its carousel structure, the composition hung around for years, not in the in-box but not exactly in the out-box either, until one night alone in the forest the lyrics popped into my head complete. Tom overdubbed his original piano on James’ old upright, prepared with linen tea-towels for texture, and used a harmonizer to make the other voice, a version of me, my imaginary friend.” Amanda Roff

Life of the Inhabitant will be released on February 26th on It Records.

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