Dive into an explosion of alpha female muscles!

Vampire Cats is new in the buziness – born in 2019 in Motor City Stuttgart. Their tape was recorded, mixed and produced by Moritz Finkbeiner (Mosquito Ego, Cluster Bomb Unit, Metabolismus, and several more) and released in July 2020 on Lötboy Tapes. PEACHY COCO is the third video-release from their debut album FOREVER (Cat-suited).

The 4 ladies stem from an artistic background and have been familiar faces in Stuttgart’s subculture-music-scene for years – i.e. as the band Perigon, as Dj’s, activists or filmmakers.

“For this video we worked intimately with Justyna Koeke – a performance artist and brilliant costume designer – to deliver a motion-picture extravaganza. The best part is, since we produced the videos themselves, we were able to retain full artistic expression.”

And this video is quite expressive! The images of flesh and crazy muscles coupled with the brutalistic beat and minimalistic instrumentation sucks you deep into a Motor City underground party tunnel.

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