Splash into summer this month with JFR Moon’s On Hold playlist!

JFR Moon, aka Fabian Drung, is a Berlin-based bedroom/slacker pop musician and painter. “I studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, where I graduated in 2017. I’m inspired by anything I see, and currently interested in mixing popular images with more personal / autobiographical elements. I don’t have a strict concept or approach, I just continuously work with what I’m visually drawn to and try to give the images a personal note & some kind of twist.”, says Drung.

As JFR Moon, Fabian Drung has released a Demo and 3 LP´s. Started in 2013, the origins of the project were rooted in Folk/ Americana. The Sound of the latest LP “Moony” (released 2017 on german DIY Label Treibender Teppich Records) has more of a Bedroom Pop/ Electronica /Slacker Pop touch.

After having released 2 Singles in 2020 JFR Moon is currently working on a new LP, which is planned to be released late 2021 / early 2022.

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