Summer is well and truly over. The days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper and takemeback hashtags are littering our Instagram feeds. As you clamber into the overcrowded carriage of your respective U or S Bahn for fear of being caught in another brief but intense rain shower on your bike, you struggle to remember how the sun felt on your back during the liberating summer cycles to the office — and mourn the fact that it will be another 6 months or more until you feel it again. Dour, downtrodden and distracted, you fumble for your earphones and plug them into your phone before aimlessly scrolling Spotify for something to make you feel less depressed.

There it is! It’s our MAI October playlist!

Aimed at combating the Autumnal blues, we’ve carefully selected this pop-heavy soundtrack for your BVG journey. Wake up to the whimsical sounds of Special K, perk up to Hermesand allow the sound of Dandy Deniz’s synthesisers to skyrocket your mood.

Words by Clare Davies

This months cover artwork comes from Berlin-based graphic designer Rafaela Cunha.

For more Rafaela follow her here:


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