This month let us be the soother of your pains with fresh soundbites from Texans transforming chanting, bleep-bloops into finely-wrought pop, Indigo Bunting, oldies but goodies, CocoRosie, a man who likes to pause and think, M. T. Hadley, our favorite Wolves and their new pup, Wolf Mountains, and many, many more!

Getting digital & creating this months cover artwork is Paris-based illustrator Théophile Bartz.

“I’ve been dabbling with digital art for a long time but it took me a while to develop my own personal style that I have now. I studied and worked in the graphic design field for years and wanted to detach myself from the conventions of communication in which I never felt able to express myself truly. The work I do now comes from a frustration I have always had with my desire but inability to represent reality at a satisfactory level. This at first pushed me towards more abstract and geometrical shapes, and finally led me to these organic forms which are neither real or accurate. They can be whatever I or the viewer projects onto them.”

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