Leo season is upon us and we are celebrating with a roarrrr as we give you the finest selection of tunes for the month of August. We start out in Phoenix, Arizona with Secret Attraction who releases his single “Last Kiss”, next we stop off in LaLa Land to visit sloth lover, Maddie Jay, then we zone out in our own heaven with BEA1991, as we wait for the High Note with Magic Island before Kinolectro finally catapults us into the stratosphere!

This months artwork was made by Berlin-based graphic designer and tattoo artist Alba Aliaga Agoiz from Pamplona (a little city in the North of Spain).

“I remember myself as a child drawing and being creative. As the years went on I knew that art was going to be my way of living.

I’ve been always inspired by lots of things and have tried new and different disciplines.

Right now I’m really focused on tattooing and the illustrations. I love to think that people are going to bring a piece of me to every moment of their lives.”


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