Soothing and effortless teenage dream. 

The new single of Rotterdam based Nagasaki Swim is a soothing song with cute melodies and an introspective feel to it. I like the distorted guitars and organ accompanies which give the song an old school vibe even if the voice has a familiar modern bedroom pop sound.

Nagasaki Swim is one of Jasper Boogaard’s many projects but it’s one that managed to stick for the longer haul. It came to be when Jasper returned to Rotterdam from his time in Philadelphia where he earned his stripes as an audio engineer. “When I came back, I felt fed up with The Netherlands. I figured: “I’m packing my bags and I’m going back again.” But after growing back into his old home he began reflecting on the question: who was Jasper Boogaard over there, and who was he over here? This ultimatly lead to the creation of his album The Mirror which is out March 26. on Treibender Teppich & Coaster Records.

We can’t wait!

Words by Deniz Winter

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