Dandy Deniz’ new single “Never Sorry” hypnotically draws you in and makes your heart skip a beat as you witness the long and inevitable bitter end of a friendship with someone who can never say sorry. The song starts with a laid back drum machine and quickly opens up into a fresh and playful composition of synths, chorus guitar and deep bass lines. Deniz’ vocals are calm and resigned with a sense of relief as he is describing the burden of a friendship that is fading away.

About the video DD says, “The idea behind “Never Sorry” or a person who is never sorry is basically meant to be as silly the name suggests. So I wanted to create a video that would capture the simplicity of that message, as well as the dichotomy of pain and relief that I was going through at the time. The subject matter of the song isn’t light so we wanted to focus on the more playful sides of its arrangement. So when Martha Rose my bandmate came up with the idea of an angry jogger relentlessly trying to trip me over, we all knew THIS IS IT! The camera that we used was a funny looking alien probe thing that is officially called an “OSMO Plus”, which is basically a camera on a gimbal with the ability of shooting really nice slow motion footage. The slow pace of the song is reflected in the slow motion of the camera, and the beautiful golden light at Tempelhofer Feld was a nice effect that added to the overall light and undefeated vibe that we were aiming for.”

Never Sorry is available to stream via Souncloud and will be live on Spotify next 15.3.

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