Skate video aesthetics & stereoscopic photos join hands with German rap, beats, and lols in a good times made in Berlin story worth the share. Watch Momo Mercedes’ new music video for his track “Frisch”

After showing the song to some friends the general consensus was that it was more of a “summer hit” vibes song, says Momo Mercedes aka (Moritz Drung) of how the video for Frisch came to be. But he couldn’t wait that long, so “the concept of the video was to go shoot in the shittiest weather possible and kinda make it feel like summer”.

He goes on, “I directed and edited the video myself. I wanted to go for Wes Anderson inspired aesthetics. i.e. very stylized, geometric shots that still have a little humour & charm to them. The camera work was done by my homeboy, Konsti Freys, who has a video production company based in Bremen (I also filmed most of the footage for my “Yung Dirty Bastard” video with him). I think he nailed the funny Wes Anderson vibe very well – particularly with all of the zoom stuff! We both share a very broad taste in music videos and have similar influences in terms of filming, so we were just improvising a lot, messing around with angles, zooms and experimenting.

When we went out to shoot it was a pretty windy and cold day with schneeregen and after one and a half hours, Konsti was actually a bit afraid his camera would get damaged. But that’s also the reason why we managed to get all of those shots in a completely empty Körnerpark that we were after. We were blasting the song from a JBL box in my bag & while shooting in the well I fell off my bike (as seen in the last shot). It was shitloads of fun. Two days later we did another day of shooting in the hairdresser next to my place called “Weserwelle” – the owner is super cool, she provided the space to us with no problems & was feeling the song as we filmed whilst her grandson was chilling in the corner playing Zelda.

Generally, I wanted to go for a really light feel – a good vibes style song because I did lots of “fuck all the haters”- themed tracks in the past. So it was good to mix it up with some funky energy. As I create most of my songs starting from a point of freestyle too, I first randomly came up with this “nehm die fünf, die vier, die drei zu der zwei” line, where I’m saying that I take the U5, U4, U3 and 2 trains lines in Berlin and I don’t see a single person on there who’s as fresh as me. When I listened back to that I thought ‘that line is pretty real haha’. So I made it the hook & it all started from there and then I wrote the rest of the song. Later I realized that I was kinda inspired by the J-kwon song “Tipsy“ because I always loved the counting down part in it.

It’s also my first release where I didn’t do the beat myself. The beat comes from Gooney Tunes, a producer from the states. I picked it off Youtube. It’s always dope to rap over a brand new instrumental because I can sometimes play around with the flow more easily than when I made the beat myself. I did spin the instrumental a little bit though, where I added the cracking of a soda can sound in the beginning, and I re-arranged it a bit to give it a straighter feel. I also mixed and mastered the song myself.

I hope you guys enjoy it! I’m gonna release a song every month this year (also on spotify), so stay tuned!

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