“STAR GEL” the second single from Berlin-based musician Pictorial Candi is here and it’s a sfx drizzled 2 become 1 lovechild of what would have happened if Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia” and Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Dogtooth” made a baby. Released via Mansions and Millions & Nicey Music in L.A. the song comes off her upcoming album “THE SECRET SALTS” out June 17th.

Pictorial Candi: “I shot the video 2 years ago in my family’s summer home in Uruguay. My mother’s side of the family is Usher, and just like in Poe’s story “The fall of the house of Usher”, decadence and transcendence are inextricably linked. It’s somehow metaphysical when the history of a name correlates with real people’s destiny, this stronghold feels mysteriously logical. The only difference is that our point of view is placid instead of dreary or tetric. I shot the video before writing the music to it. It’s about time being a solid, motionless and forgotten like reclinable chairs stacked in a room. The way my family lives when they’re together on these long “geriatric” holidays, with the walls literally falling down, is also how they die or fall: roaming rooms as if they were shared mental spaces; in a haze or pool of hyperawareness, magnifying glass in hand; more like a dream than reality.“

The song is written, performed & produced by Pictorial Candi in Berlin with Sarah Addud on bassoon & it was mixed and mastered by Michał Kupicz in Warsaw.

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