Meet our next MAI ‘Wonder of the World’ – Norweigan rave-pop sensation ‘OTHA’. Making dance anthems for the introverted at heart, we got to have a quick chat ahead of her Berlin show at Loophole and find out a little bit more about Norway’s secret food fetish, spirit animals, and beats.

How old were you when you first started making music/beats and who would your dream collab be with?

I’ve always made music but didn’t start making my own music before I was 21. Dream collab would be Charli XCX, she cool.

What’s the next piece of gear you want to buy?

909 drum machine

What would surprise most people to find out about you?

That I’m really funny.

What would your spirit animal be?

A raccoon! They’re so funny, mysterious and weird.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Just in general when people talk about things they don’t know about.

What’s one strange or defining thing that only where you live has?

Norway has a weird obsession with frozen pizza

What’s the strangest and/or disappointing holiday you’ve ever been on?

We used to go to a family cabin every summer vacation when I was a kid. But there was this one year my parents took us on a road trip. From the moment it started I decided to stay mad for the whole trip. Not a smart decision.

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